iPage provides the best Site Builder tool

iPage comes to you with an array of features. Some of them are so unique and mind-blowing that you would have a hard time believing! Being the leader in web hosting has its own advantage, most would say. So without further ado, let’s get familiar with some of iPage’s unique features.

iPage offer you your own designing tool for you to build your own website. You won’t have to rely on others to design your website. With its highly customizable website builder, your website would look just like you imagined! It’s a simple tool where you can drag and drop different components (e.g. image, subscription form, button…) to create a website in minutes, without any coding skills needed. iPage Site Builder ranks in top 3, even higher than the popular Wix.com tool.

iPage offers you a unique feature of unlimited storage capacity in terms of hosting your website. They would offer you whatever space it takes to host your page and in case of email accounts, the same rules apply. Also there is no bandwidth limitation so don’t worry about your website being throttled down. You are also equipped to get unlimited MySQL databases, which is the most popular database system in the world.

You also get a free File manager that helps you to browse through your files with ease. Some other services offered are: Secure FTP (file transfer protocol), customer error pages, audio and video support, URL redirect tool, bandwidth and disk usage monitor, access logs and error logs, website backup software and so much more.

iPage also offers you free access to online marketing guides, $100 Google AdWords offer (US only), $100 Bing Ad credit (US only), free Yellowpages.com listings and one toll free phone number (US only).
So before investing your hard earned money into some random web hosting service, many would highly recommend you to make your research for online web hosting and to make an informed decision. In the online world, your success stories would be backed up by a good and reliable web hosting services, which often go unnoticed, but is very much vital for achieving your goal.

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