Best Forex VPS Service in 2017

Nowadays online forex trading is very popular, but it also involves some problems. One major problem occurs when the laptop or PC of the forex trader freezes, crashes or hibernates in the middle of a trade; this can greatly effect the results. For example, a forex trader has taken a position for USD, and all of a sudden, the internet goes down. During this time, the market can start moving to the opposite position. It is also possible that the forex trader forgets to put Take Profit or Stop Loss. Such a case can greatly effect forex trading because of the high risks involved. This is where forex VPS can save the day.

What is a Forex VPS?

Forex VPS are those VPS that allow forex traders to take full advantage of the virtual environment on the servers of hosting company where they can run Metatrader expert advisors 24/7. Basically Forex VPS is a powerful machine, and it is always online unlike a laptop or a PC. One of the greatest benefits of a Forex VPS is that it is not affected by power outages, and one does not needs to worry about keeping his laptop or PC on. One certainly never needs to look at his internet connection when using a Forex VPS hosting service for forex trading. It is a very efficient service offering one with automated service 24/7 with no interruption.

NextPointHost is the best Forex VPS service

nextpointhost is the best forex vps service (1)NextPointHost is miles above the rest of as an exceptional web hosting company offering Forex VPS. It has years of leading experience with global businesses of all sizes and has built up an affluence of web hosting expertise. It is known as a company on which one can rely for his online forex trading. At the moment, NextPointHost is offering three types of Forex VPS: Basic, Advanced and PRO. Their monthly charges are from €15 to €45 depending on the VPS plan. All of the three plans offer unlimited bandwidth and 10Gbps NextPoint speed guarantee. The RAM, storage and processer vary according to the price. NextPointHost guarantees 99.999% uptime which is amazing. At the same time, no power failures or resets take place and ultra low latency connectivity is maintained. The company’s datacenters are located in Frankfurt, Germany and Sofia, Bulgaria. The customer can choose the datacenter of his choice.


  • Excellent up time
  • Highly reliable
  • Excellent technical support.
  • User friendly
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • No telephone support


This is the era of online businesses, and one of them is the online forex trading. There are huge benefits of using a Forex VPS because it saves one from numerous losses that can take place otherwise. Therefore, for a stable and profitable forex trading, one needs to use the best Forex VPS service. NextPointHost is regarded as the best Forex VPS in the world. It offers excellent service on a very reasonable price. The company offers everything that a forex trader would need for his online forex trading. . Thus, hiring NextPointHost will definitely improve forex trading businesses.

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