Best VPS OS (Operating System) Review

The importance of VPS OS (Operating System) is huge. When someone is configuring his VPS, the most important thing to decide at that time is to choose the right OS. It is going to act as the core of their VPS. Everything will depend on it from installing apps to tuning each setting and also the overall website performance. In other words, the user should not take this decision lightly.


LinuxLinux is the best VPS OS. It is superior over other operating systems currently available in the market. Linux is highly integrated with majority of open source programming languages. There are different versions of Linux OS; some of them are lightweight versions while others are more resource intensive. At the moment, there are five distros of Linux which are highly popular among users; there names are: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS and Debian. For beginners, CentOS or Ubuntu are recommended. Both of them are powerful OS, and quite easy to learn. For those who are already familiar with Linux, the other three distros are recommended. There are other distros of Linux too, and people can choose one of them according to their requirements and usage. However, one must consider the following factors while deciding which distros of Linux to use:

  • Required support
  • Stability of distribution
  • Budget
  • Open-source or other
  • Types of apps


CentOS is the best VPS OS with many wonderful features. It is recommended for gameservers; its tutorials can be easily found on the internet. It is based on Redhat source with default extension “.rpm”. Debian is one of the best OS because it is very powerful though it uses low RAM; it is recommended for all types of VPS. It is easy to use, and its tutorials are also available on the internet. The extensions for Debian packages is “.deb”.

Another good VPS OS is Ubuntu. Like Debian, it is also powerful. However, there are not that many good tutorials of Ubuntu available on the internet. A great feature about Ubuntu is its desktop unity. The extensions for Ubuntu is also “.deb”.


  • Powerful features
  • Very stable
  • Highly reliable
  • Integrated with many open source programming languages
  • Different versions available


  • More technical
  • Less suitable for MS SQL, ASP/ASP.NET


Linux VPS OS is a powerful OS with excellent features. It is highly reliable and very stable as compared to other VPS OS. It is recommended by most IT experts. The only drawback of Linux VPS OS is that it is more technical as compared to other softwares, and that it is less suitable for Windows supported environments.

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