BlueHost VPS Service Review

bluehostIn 2003, Bluehost was founded with the goal of becoming a better hosting company. The company was built on open source technology, and today it is one of the leading cloud-based hosting companies in the world. Bluehost is based in Utah consisting of a staff of 700 people working round the clock to provide excellent VPS services to their clients. It is known as the leading Linux hosting service provider in the world. The company enjoys a great popularity as over 3 million webmasters use its VPS service. In June 2013, Bluehost launched its Linus VPS hosting service which utilizes the advance cloud technology like Openstack and KVM. The VPS hosting packages include very rich features with excellent pricing.

The VPS servers of Bluehost are placed in the state-of-art datacenters with gigabit fiber connections. The company uses high performance servers that are custom built so they can control the performance. They have anti-DDoS system and spam protection system.

Bluehost provides excellent technical support. All of the support staff is US-based, in-house and well-trained with excellent knowledge on Linux and server management. The support staff can answer all of the possible questions related to web hosting.

Plans and Pricing

Bluehost offers VPS service with rich features at affordable prices. Currently, there are 4 VPS plans which are: standard, enhanced, premium and ultimate. ‘Standard’ is the starting plan which costs $14.99 for the first month and then $29.99 per month. This plan includes storage of 30GB SAN, RAM of 2GB, 2 CPU cores speed, bandwidth of 1TB, 1 domain and 1 ip address.

The second plan is ‘Enhanced’ which costs $29.99 for the first month and then $59.99 per month. This plan includes storage of 60GB SAN, RAM of 4GB, 2 CPU cores speed, bandwidth of 2TB, domain of 1 and 1 ip address. ‘Enhanced’ is also the most popular plan.

The third plan is ‘Premium’ which costs $44.99 for the first month and then $89.99 per month. It includes 12GB San storage, 4GB RAM, 3 CPU cores speed, 3TB bandwidth, 1 domain and 2 ip addresses.

The forth plan is called ‘Ultimate’. ‘Ultimate’ costs $%59.99 for the first month, and then $119.99 per month. It includes 240GB, 8GB Ram, 4 CPU core speed, 1 domain and 2 ip addresses.


  • Good uptime
  • Highly reliable
  • Reasonable prices
  • Excellent customer support
  • Great features


  • Occasionally slow response from support


Bluehost is a famous web hosting company that provides excellent VPS service. The customers of Bluehost are quite satisfied with its performance as it is reliable, stable, has high speed and offers great features. The customer support is also very good though there have been complains about slow response. The pricing is quite reasonable. Therefore, Bluehost VPS service is good and highly recommendable.

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