Best VPS for PLEX Software

plex 2Plex is a centralized home media playback system with a powerful central server which is called the Plex Media Server. The central server streams its media to many Plex player Apps. The server is available on different platforms including OS X, Windows, Linux and NAS devices like Synology or ReadyNAS. The users use an App to view their media library and watch shows. Apps are available for PCs, smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs. Plex allows a user to easily create a full-featured and sophisticated home media playback system that can include many screens or devices. It is easy to set up for both home and mobile viewing.  Plex presents the user’s media in a player app with lots of information such as show posters, synopsis, ratings etc. The Player apps are designed to make the most of this metadata, making choosing a show an enjoyable experience. Here, in this article, we discuss the best VPS for Plex that will give you massive benefits. Check it out below:

Best VPS for Plex

In some respects, cloud servers work in the same way a physical servers but the functions they provide can be very different. Cloud servers mean virtual servers which run on cloud computing environment. That is why very often cloud servers are reffered as virtual private servers (VPS). VPS for Plex is nothing more than the Plex server software installed in a VPS for the users.

Advantages of using a VPS for Plex 

Following are the advantages of Plex VPS:

  • One does not needs to invest in physical server worth several hundred dollars.
  • No need to install the Plex Server Software with all the process involved in operating system and basic networking setup to make the whole thing work.
  • Using the cloud file manager will enable the user to upload his media from any location in the world as long as there is internet and browser.
  • The user’s media will be automatically backed up for him.
  • The user can upgrade or downgrade his server with just a simple request.

SSDapp VPS Service Review

best vps for plexSSDapp is an EU-based affordable hosting company that offers excellent Plex VPS service. The VPS service is super fast and reliable having rich features with great technical support. Currently SSDapp offers four Plex VPS plans which are Plex S, Plex M, Plex L and Plex XL.

Plex S incudes 210 GB SATA III storage, unlimited monthly bandwidth, 6 GB RAM, 1GBiT Port and Intel Xeon E3 3.40Ghz; Plex S costs ‎€9 per month.

The Plex M includes 420 GB SATA III storage, unlimited monthly bandwidth, 12 GB RAM, 1GBiT Port and Intel Xeon E3 3.40Ghz; Plex M costs ‎€18 per month.

Plex L includes 840 GB SATA III storage, unlimited monthly bandwidth, 24 GB RAM, 1GBiT Port and Intel Xeon E3 3.40Ghz; Plex L costs ‎€36 per month.

Plex XL includes 1680 GB SATA III storage, unlimited monthly bandwidth, 48 GB RAM, 1GBiT Port and Intel Xeon E3 3.40Ghz; Plex XL costs ‎€72 per month.


  • Super fast
  • Highly reliable
  • Excellent technical support
  • Rich features
  • Full control
  • Instant setup


  • No free trials

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