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site5 free vps reviewSite5 is well-known web hosting company that is providing hosting solutions to various clients around the globe for almost 14 years. The company’s hosting philosophy is based on guaranteed performance. Most hosting companies try to cram as many accounts as possible on shared servers which is not the case here. Site5 uses its years of experience and technical analysis performed by technical gurus to determine exactly how many accounts they should be putting on given server. Moreover, the company upgrades its hardware platforms from time to time to be among the best in the industry.

Site5 has grown a great team of dedicated staff members, as all in-house employees. Each of them is fully trained to know the company and services inside and outside, fluent in English and has excellent people skills. The company has no hidden fees. It does not sell its services on gimmicks, trendy offerings or misleading information. Besides paid hosting, Site5 offers 30 day free trial per person.

Site5 prides itself on offering no-nonsense high-quality web hosting with unique features one will not find anywhere else. It has 121 team members on-staff. The staff is available 24/7/365 to make sure hosting is running perfectly and is always there if anyone needs help. There are so many reasons to choose Site5; however, the following 5 reasons are really good:

  • Guaranteed uptime, support and services.
  • 30 day free trial and 45 day money back guarantee.
  • The support team is friendly, fast and knowledgeable.
  • Web hosting is easy to use.
  • Customers are the biggest asset.

Free VPS with Site5

Site5 offers 30 day free trial of VPS. In order to qualify for the 30 day trial, one has to use the coupon code FREETRIAL and then select one month billing contract term when signing up. After the free trial, the user’s account will automatically renew for the billing term selected at sign up. If a user wishes to cancel his free trial or change his billing frequency, he will have to contact Site5 staff. The payment information is required in advance as services auto renew. No payment is required for the VPS plan if one month contract is selected. Site5 offers one free trial per person. It will not take more than one to convince a person that Site5 is by far the best web hosting provider out there today.


  • Excellent uptime
  • Great technical support
  • Great features
  • Highly reliable
  • Very stable


  • Limited free trial


Site5 is a world class web hosting company with clients in every corner of the world. It is so popular among users that 98% of its clients are fully satisfied with the performance and recommend it to others. The technical staff is well trained and very responsive. Whenever a customer contacts the customer support staff, his problem is solved within minutes. The service is very stable and high reliable with an uptime of 99.9%. In short, Site5 is a very good free trial web hosting company, and it deserves 5 out 5-star ranking.

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