Best DDoS Protected VPS in 2015

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a type of DoS attack. DoS stands for Denial of Service. In a DDoS attack multiple compromised systems infected with a Trojan target a single system causing a DoS attack. The victims of a DDoS attack are targeted on both ends of systems. The hacker maliciously uses and controls the systems during the distributed attack.
In a DDoS attack, sources that can be more than hundreds of thousands flood traffic to the victim. The attack becomes impossible to stop because it is not possible to dinstinguish that single IP address and block it. The attack traffic is spread across many points of origin and it is impossible to distinguish it with legitimate user traffic.
There are different types of DDoS attacks. The most common types of attacks are:

  • Traffic attacks
  • Bandwidth attacks
  • Application attacks

Why protection from DDoS is important?

Protection from DDoS attack is extremely important. A successful DDoS attack has a widespread impact. The website’s performance is badly effected, and customers and all other users get frustrated. Costly service credits are triggered because service-level-agreements (SLAs) are violated. Reputation of some companies are permanently tarnished. The IT expenses are increased, productivity is lost, revenue is lost and losses keep increasing. Therefore, it is very important that a user’s VPS is DDoS protected. If the VPS hosting service is DDoS protected, such losses will not be experienced.

Rivalhost — DDoS protected VPS

rival is a ddos protected vps service providerRivalhost is a US-based web hosting company that provides DDoS protected VPS. It is known as the best DDoS protected VPS service. Since 2001, it is providing DDoS protected web hosting solutions to various clients in 65 countries of the world. The DDoS protected VPS infrastructre of Rivalhost includes enterprise grade hardware, high speed redundant storage, redundant hardware with auto-failover, dedicated RAM & CPU resources specifically allocated and reserved for DDoS protected VPS. With industry-leading DDoS protected hosting and mitigation best practices, Rivalhost is providing online businesses with the most advanced DDoS protection available. In addition to this, the prices are very affordable and the service is very reliable. A user of Rivalhost DDoS protected VPS not just gets a VPS but he also gets free cPanel/WHM, free email pro, free global protected DNS, free backups, and world-class rockstar support. In today’s world where complex and large DDoS attacks are a great threat, Rivalhost VPS hosting solutions are keeping businesses safe.


  • Excellent service
  • Reasonable price
  • Good technical support
  • Highly reliable
  • Excellent up time
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Response on live chat is late sometimes



In today’s world, DDoS is a big threat to online businesses. Companies who choose a DDoS protected VPS for hosting their websites do not experience large business losses that other’s do. It is wise and highly recommended to use a DDoS protected VPS. Among the best such VPS services, Rivalhost is on the top. It is providing DDoS protected VPS services for 14 years, and the company is growing day by day. For a stable online business which is DDoS protected, Rivalhost is the best option.

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