holderhost – $3/month 512MB, $5/month 1GB, $7/month 2GB OpenVZ VPS in Phoenix

holderhost LTD was formed in July 2012 and is owned by two experienced webmasters.

512MB Plan
512MB Dedicated RAM | 512MB vSwap
1 IP
30GB diskspace
2TB bandwidth
1Gbs port
Price: $4.5/month or $30/year
$3/month with coupon code hh512
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1GB Plan
1024MB Dedicated RAM | 1024MB vSwap
1 IP
75GB diskspace
3TB bandwdith
1Gbs port
Price: $7/month
$5/month with coupon code hh1024
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2GB Plan
2048MB Dedicated Ram | 2048MB vSwap
1 IP
150GB diskspace
4TB bandwidth
1Gbs port
Price: $10/month or $30/Qtr
$7/month OR $21/Qtr with coupon code hh2048
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Sever Node Specs:
CPU: Intel Xeon Dual Six Core L5639 processor with hyperthreading (24 total threads)
Disks: 4x3TB 7200rpm Enterprise Hard Drive RAID 10

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